Survive The Slow Economy In The Restaurant Business

Every restaurant owner right now is facing the slow economy. People save money on everything and going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner is one of the things.

After a period of making a decent living it is time to become more creative to keep our existing customers and maybe get some new ones.

I want to […]

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How to Open a Restaurant and Stay in Business

If you’ve always wanted to open a restaurant and become the next smashing success but were never quite sure if you should go ahead with your plans, the fact that today more and more people are looking to dine out or take prepared food back home with them should pique your interest enough to finally […]

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How to Promote a Restaurant

There is nothing quite like owning your own restaurant, however it can be time consuming and seem like a completely uphill battle from time to time. You may be the best in the kitchen, the best at serving customers and the best at designing menus, but often times your restaurant will still rely entirely on […]

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Restaurant Promotion This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly and yes, it is time to be jolly indeed! The holidays are here again and many of us will surely be going out with families, dear friends and loved ones. Buying gifts for and treating them out to restaurants are one of the familiar ways we usually do to […]

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Writing A Restaurant Business Plan Sample

The first step in opening a successful restaurant business is writing a comprehensive restaurant business plan. Almost everybody has a rough idea of what basically constitutes a restaurant business plan sample. But there are many things which you need to pay attention to, as most people often miss to include them.

So here’s a head start […]

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Should You Serve Alcohol At Your Restaurant?

The issue of serving alcohol in your restaurant is one that comes with many pros and cons. It is even common for some family restaurants to offer alcohol with the menu. Some people enjoy a glass of wine, a mixed drink, or a couple of beers before their meal or while they are eating. For […]

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Do You Have What It Takes To Start A Restaurant?

If operating a successful restaurant was as easy as being able to make good food we would see more of them still operational an fewer empty restaurants sitting around. It takes plenty of hard work to make a restaurant successful and you will have to learn much more about the business in order to succeed. […]

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How to Spend Less in Your Travels

Ask anyone what their five three dreams are. Mostly, travel will be included in the list. The trip of a lifetime is a common dream, but people would love to travel more often. Lack of money is the main reason people do not realize their dreams. How would it be if the cost of travel […]

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Restaurant Chairs and Tables – Benefits and Designs in Stacking Types

There are too many types of restaurant chairs and tables available in the market. If you are among those who are planning to establish a new restaurant then you are recommended to consider stacking type also. Stacking types of furniture carries too many benefits when it comes to restaurants or hotels.

If you are having the […]

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Starting a Restaurant Business – Factors to Consider

For many entrepreneurs, starting a restaurant business represents a great way to make a good living while doing something that they love. The restaurant business has a high failure rate though with many people quickly realizing that there is more work involved than they originally anticipated and they find that they are not really suited […]

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