When a dear friend is having a baby, a celebration is in store. Baby showers are classic celebrations to honor the soon-to-be mother; however, they require lots of planning and attention to give the upcoming mom a special, memorable event filled with presents, yummy foods, and loved ones.


There are many aspects that go into planning a baby shower. From venues to invitations, every detail must be laid out to ensure there are no holes when planning for a this celebration.

  • Come up with a guest list for the event. Make sure the list of names also has the contact information of each guest. Once the guest list has been gathered, send out the invitations a month in advance so that guests can make room in their schedule for the event.
  • Choose the perfect location for the baby shower. Compile a list of restaurants that would be excellent places to host it. Along with the restaurants, be sure to jot down contact information for each restaurant. Once you’ve made a list of restaurants and phone numbers, call each location to see if they allow things like this to be hosted and if they can accommodate all the attending guests. Restaurants can also have private rooms that are just for big guest parties and events.
  • Once the restaurant has been selected, choose fulfilling foods to be presented at the baby shower. Another alternative is to allow guests to order off the restaurant’s menu. The appetizers and entrees should be healthy for pregnant women and be sensitive to any guests’ allergies and diets, such as vegetarian and vegan. Along with cuisines, decide which beverages should be served at the event.
  • Decorations enhance the scene of the party, so shop around for decorations, such as balloons and tablecloths, for the baby shower. Ask the restaurant that the it will be hosted at for any restrictions on decorations.
  • Choose games that guests can play without moving around too much since it will be hosted at a restaurant.
  • Once the details for the baby shower have been all planned out, it’s time for the real party to begin!

Party Time!

  1. Before everyone comes to the baby shower, go to the restaurant one to two hours earlier to set and decorate the table with tablecloth, decorations, and party favors. Be sure to have a separate table for gifts and a cake. Make the table personal by adding pictures of the soon-to-be mother.
  2. Once guests arrive, encourage them to order appetizers and drinks as they mingle with each other. When the appetizers and drinks arrive, start on planned games and activities.
  3. When activities are finished, guests can order entrees and chitchat with each other as they eat. If there is cake, serve the cake as dessert.
  4. After everyone is stuffed, have the mother-to-be open her presents. When it’s time to leave, hand out any party favors to guests who didn’t receive one.

By planning ahead and putting in effort, any baby shower can be a success.