Five Tips – Ordering

1. Create Product Specs for every item you buy. Sit down with the kitchen team and write out a specification for every item. Example: cantaloupe, 5 1/4 to 6 1/4 inches in diameter.

2. Every spec must be quantifiable and qualitative. Every spec must be measurable. For quantity, either weight, volume or count. For qualitative, name the brand or grade. Example: 1140 ml bottle of Belvedere Vodka or 12 ounce AAA Alberta Beef

3. Provide copies of these specs to all of your suppliers. This will ensure they are all quoting on the same item. If they do not carry your spec, ask them to quote on the next closest, along with their products spec. Use this to measure against yours. Differences will be greater than you think.

4. Get a minimum of THREE produce quotes every week. You don’t need to supplier-hop every week, but this will help keep you up to date with current market prices. At least make sure your produce supplier knows that you are aware of how their prices are in relation to others.

5. Post the specs near the receiving door. Check each item against it’s spec as it arrives. Try to have the Chef or Manager who placed the order receive it to ensure it is correct.